9 things to do when travelling to Bac Kan

If you love travelling, want to discover the wild nature, meet friendly people, learn about the unique cultural beauty of ethnic minorities. Bac Kan is one of the ideal destinations for you. Coming here, you definitely must not miss the interesting things that Eviva Tour will introduce in the article below.

Ba Be lake, Bac Kan

1. Take a boat to enjoy Ba Be lake

Ba Be lake is one of the 20 most beautiful natural freshwater lakes in the world, recognized by UNESCO. Sitting on a boat, feast your eyes on the panoramic view of chalky karst mountains and evergreen foliage, listen to the sound of the birds, you will be back to nature at its purest and beyond. You not only can admire the charming landscape, but also experience interesting activities on the lake such as swimming and fishing.

2. Admire the beauty of Silver Ban Vang waterfall

Coming to Silver waterfall, you bathe in the waterfall, and admire the impressive natural picture. The feeling of being immersed in the clear and cool water, with fresh air will definitely help you temporarily forget troubles and difficulties in life.

3. Discover the wild and mysterious beauty of Puong cave, Hua Mac cave

Puong Cave is a large cave located in Ba Be National Park. To get here, you will have to boat on the Nang River. Going about 400 meters, you will be surprised to see the impressive entrance of a 30m high white limestone gate. Stepping into the cave, you will admire many beautiful scenes due to stalactites, fascinating stone columns and attractive stalagmites shapes and different colors of stalactites.

Hua Ma Cave has been named the first wonder in Bac Kan mountains and forest. Hua Ma Cave is located in the middle of the mountain, you need to climb stairs to reach the cave. Right at the entrance, you will see the words “Hua Ma the first wonder of the cave”. About 15 meters from the cave entrance, you can see red gray and lodged clay. This location is the site of the discovery of ceramic utensils believed to date from the Le Dynasty. Going deep into the cave, you will be amazed by the magnificent beauty of nature with magical shimmering cliffs and stalactites.

4. Visit Pac Ngoi village

Pac Ngoi is one of the few villages that still retain the traditions and customs of the Tay ethnic culture. Coming to this place, you can visit ancient stilt houses, bicycle on the village roads, and listen to the then songs of the Tay girls. If you stay on stilt houses, you have a chance to enjoy the unique dishes in Pac Ngoi village such as grilled goat meat with sticky sticky rice, grilled fish, shrimp sour…  and sleep house on stilts. In the morning, it is peaceful to sit on the balcony overlooking the lake, enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the birdsong.

5. Kayaking on Nang River

All kayaking tours will take place on Nang River with most attractions around Ba Be to visit along the way. Starting from Buoc Lom, a kayaking tour will pass Puong Cave, Ban Cam Village and Dau Dang Waterfall before coming to three lakes of Ba Be. It is a wonderful experience to be immersed in the cool blue water of the lake and admire the beautiful natural scenery.

6. Listen to then singing performance of the Tay people

Then singing is a distinctive musical genre and a special combination of the spiritual and cultural life of Tay, Nung and Thai ethnic groups in Vietnam.  When coming here, you shouldn’t miss your chance to watch a performance of Tay people called ‘Hat Then’ (Then Singing). Tay young women will wear their traditional black dress and sing along with ‘Dan Tinh’ playing. Through those tunes, you will have a new feeling, discovering the traditional cultural values ??of the place.

7. Visit ATK – Con market historical relic area

If you have a passion to learn about the history of Vietnam, let’s visit ATK – Con market historical relic area. Because this is the place where President Ho Chi Minh and many other leaders gathered, discussed and made vital decisions involving the destiny of the nation. Coming to ATK in particular and Cho Don in general, you can not only visit many historical sites such as Relics of Comrade Vo Nguyen Giap’s Lan, Khuoi Linh historical site… but also learn more about the lives of the local inhabitants, discovering their most beautiful culture.

8. Trekking in Ba Be National Park

Trekking is the most popular activity to do in the national park which offers you a chance to see the richness of nature here. A common trekking route is going through the jungle and reaching the ethnic villages like Coc Toc village and some H’mong villages. Or you can trace along the trail along Nang river to see Dau Dang waterfall and Tay villages.

9. Enjoy attractive dishes in Bac Kan

When coming to Bac Kan, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many unique and attractive dishes such as roasted pork, chicken jogging, dong vermicelli, Ba Be grilled shrimp, wormwood cake,…  These dishes seem to be rustic but have an unforgettable taste.

With our suggestions, we hope that you will have an interesting experience when coming to Bac Kan and don’t forget to share your great moments in the comments below! See you on the journey to discover a new land.

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