A visit to Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan Village in Da Lat is new to visitors. Located on Suoi Can village, Lat Commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong, with a total area of 20 ha, Cu Lan has a stream flowing around the village, so – called Dankya, which serves as a supply source of water for the K’Ho people. The village was surrounded by 200 ha of hills and forests, including 150 ha of pine forests and 50 ha of broadleaf forests. Maybe in the old days the village was home to sloths so that the village was named after the name of the specie. Shy but so cute sloths usually cover their eyes with their front legs while seeing people. The village was also home to a kind of tree so called ‘cu lan’. Once trees burnt, stems turn from yellow to black, but trees can revive after rains.


Cu Lan Village charms visitors with pristine forests and magnificent mountains. What could be more interesting than riding a jeep on a trail of 4km in length while enjoying a stunning view? Set your foot on a suspension bridge nestling among rows of trees and feel the faintly smell of wild grass and flowers and listen the whispers of nature through the woods.

Continue your journey downward the sloping trail, you are close to towering pine trees and step forward. A carper made of grass and flowers is beneath your feet and you view Cu Lan Village looming in fog. Let’s stop over for a while and sit on lovely wooden chairs or swings along the roadside and watch charming sceneries. Chom Hom Market in the village is a house on stilts, which sells a variety of souvenirs to visitors. Here, the best-selling item is a cuddly toy sloth.


Houses on stilts in Duoc Village located by the lake are ideal for overnight guests. You can rent a raft to go sailing or fishing at the lake. You also can walk through a small wooden bridge, going uphill and enjoying charming sceneries from the top of the hill.

At the end of the journey, tourists can visit a small village of the K’ho people. Tourists encounter gong sets, strings of dried corn hanging against walls, dug – out canoe, and enjoy jars of wine drunk out through pipes…

My visit to Cu Lan village with Eviva Tour Vietnam last year brings me unique hands – on experience with the wild nature. Let’s pack your bag and prepare for your trip to such exotic yet undiscovered site.