An unforgettable trip to Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

4 days spending in the Paradise Pearl of Vietnam were so amazing that I want to visit this island over and over again. I was attracted by the pure natural beauty of its sea and its vast tropical forest, which occupies the North half of the Island. Thanks to the helpful advices and guideline of Ms. Trang, who is one of the tour guides of Eviva Tour Vietnam, I have known more about the people and the culture of Vietnamese people residing on this island.

phu quoc island

The trip began with a morning flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc Island as I was visiting Ho Chi Minh City for 5 days initially. When the plane was slowly approaching the island from above, I saw a magnificent scene with a big green island surrounded by the blue colour of the sea. I immediately took a picture of it and this image always urges me to visit this island to experience it once again. After arriving at the airport, I was picked up by a car prepared by Eden resort, where is the place that I would stay in for the 3 following nights.

As I travelled to Phu Quoc island during February, so I was advised that I should go to the South half only. However, I wanted to take a grasp at every place on this beautiful island so I went through all these places in a hurry. During my trip, I was most impressed by Bai Sao Beach and Phu Quoc prison. Bai Sao Beach was stunningly beautiful with long white sand and very clear sea water. The beach was decorated by some natural rocks with mosses growing around them. I thought I had arrived in heaven. I could not believe in my eyes that Vietnam has such a magnificent wild beach like Bai Sao.

After enjoying the beautiful Bai Sao beach, I travelled to the Phu Quoc prison. Along the way, my Eviva tour guide has briefly introduced to me about the cruelness and harshness of the Phu Quoc prison. However, I have never been to any kind of prison before in my life so I could not imagine those scenes. Looking from outside, the prison is surrounded by many levels of defense including dogs and large wire barbed fences. Stepping inside, there are many separated houses that illustrate many kinds of torturing mental of the prisoners and the daily life of the prisoners. Each way of torturing prisoners is as cruel and evil as hell. Even so, the prisoners in Phu Quoc prison were happily and strongly fight for their country’s freedom and independence. Therefore, I somewhat felt thrilled and frightened while looking at those statues. I would never forget about the scenes and the cruelness I got from visiting these places.