Beware of scam tricks when traveling in Vietnam

Theft, fraud, scams and lies are frequent problems with foreign tourists in tourist sites around the world. To avoid being impoverished, you should know about some scams below.

Taxi fee

During your trip, who you should keep your eye on istaxi driver. Maybe almost drivers are honest, wherever there are also drivers willing to “welcome” the strange foreign visitors to their city by calculating double, even triple the amount of money one have to pay.

First, the driver takes advantage of the customers do not know the way by driving them “around”, especially with route usually have traffic jam. Next, they may calculate triple the fee for visitors who are not interested in learning the rate before getting on a taxi.

Beware of scam tricks-1

“Fake” police but “true” stealing

In many cities, thieves often choose to disguise as local police to stop you and ask you for reason of counterfeit money control.

Usually, bad guys always take advantage of the visitors who follow the laws and respect local staff in police uniform. So, when they just change money or withdraw money from the bank, they require tourist to open their wallets to “confiscate counterfeit money” or quickly steal the money from your wallet. To avoid it, travelers should ask the police who look suspicious to see their official papers or go to local police station to check.

Beware of scam tricks-2

Stealing credit card information

Today, hackers are not just sitting behind a computer screen. Some hackers steal bank card data in front of tourists in a spectacular way! In fact, cashier or receptionist can take photo of customer’s credit card, and then steal all the money in your account.

You’ll need to keep your eye on every technological manipulation of server, who holding cell phone and credit card to make payment.

Beware of scam tricks-3

Suspicious exchange

You need to be alert to those who are too helpful, especially when they pay special attention to your luggage. At the waiting room of gas station or airport , thieves can appear as a gentlemen and ask you to looking at his luggage when he using the toilet. Then he politely suggests to looking at your then you can walk freely. At this point, your luggage will disappear with him.