Elephant riding in Vietnam – Should try or not

Elephant riding tour is one of the new ones in Vietnam. It is mainly a short-term sightseeing model for excursionists to have a different look from elephant’s back. But you should think over before making final decision to take part in this tour. Why so? Let me share you my experience.

Elephant riding in Vietnam

When I was a little baby, I used to dream to touch the elephants. To me, they are so big, lovely and friendly mammalian animals. It is the reason why when I went to Buon Ma Thuot located in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam; without thinking, I plunged into the elephants riding tour.

Locals there showed me their elephants right after my decision. I couldn’t stand to waiting to see them. “Wow. They are so big and awesome.” It was my first thinking, but then I noticed others. I realized there was a big metal chain kept their feets into the trees, which made these elephants move very little tiny. Additionally, there was another big thing – a metal chairs strapped to their backs, which hurt their backs, even bleeding :(. They were prisoner workers, no more!!!

Then I reached more closely with one elephant there. There were many scars on his back due to the heavy chair, and of course, the heavy bodies of us – the human! More terribly, I’m sure that I saw he was crying. Some people will think that I am so sensitive; but not. He cried because he also had the feeling, he also needed true love; not the love spent for prisoner.

Witness all was enough; I decided not to participate in this tour and shared my point of view for all of you to think twice before decision.