Female Solo Travel tips in Vietnam

Vietnam is a peaSolo Women Travellers in Vietnamceful country and female travelers certainly do not face any particular safety issues. Yet, it should be noted that women in other countries, especially in the West, enjoy so many freedoms, some are just in dreams of Vietnamese girls. Although this should not prevent female travelers from the exotic land as Vietnam, women are suggested to follow some simple tips to ensure their safe and fanatic trips in the Asian country.

Tip #1 – When it comes to clothing, it is advisable to follow the local way of dressing. Vietnamese people do not dress traditionally or religiously in their daily life, so you do not have to worry about putting on something exotic or awkward. However, Vietnamese women, especially those in the countryside, dress quite conservatively and modestly and tourists should try to do the same. Accordingly, leaving your showy stuffs home would certainly help you to integrate more easily into the community. Besides, when visiting holy places and national monuments, you should avoid wearing shorts and tatty beer T-shirts, even in hot days (read our Shopping Tips for Clothing and Accessories in Vietnam).

Tip #2 – Female solo travelers are likely to become prey for pick pockets, bag snatchers and frauds. Petty crime is becoming less common in Vietnam, mainly taking place in crowded areas such as markets, bus stops, rail stations, and no-go areas although most vacation spots in Vietnam are categorized as safe places for tourists (read our Guide to Scams and how to avoid them). Yet, basic precaution should be undertaken. It is necessary to pay attention to your luggage and other bags at all times. One of the best ways to work the issue out could be considering staying at higher end hotels and always leaving your valuables and your essential things such as your passports, your visa and your credit cards in the hotels and avoid bringing too much money with you when going out.

Tip #3 – If travelling alone, you are likely to be bombarded with questions about your marital status, your home, your family or in brief, your personal life. Expect curious look if you are over thirty and still single or you have been married for 3 years without a kid. It could be a bit annoying to you after a while, but take it easy as it is just part of Eastern culture. Otherwise, in order to end those conversations before they go too far, you could wear a wedding band or tell a lie about a made-up husband, if you want to avoid flirts – which is rather uncommon in Vietnam.

Tip #4 – Friends in Vietnam do not hug or kiss each other as greetings. Therefore, to not create any misunderstanding for your local male friends, it is wise to not show any kind of close manners like that. As a solo traveler, surely you should leave a copy of your itinerary with a close friend or relative and keep in touch with them at regular intervals.

Feel free to email us for any advice on everything from etiquette and dress to safety, VietnamToursGuide.com is always by your side and wish you an unforgettably great journey.