How to avoid some minors of Vietnam visa online?

The number of visitor using visa on arrival to go to Vietnam is dramatically increasing in 2017. However, everything has two sides and Vietnam visa online is not exceptional.

Here are some cons of Vietnam visa online:

  1. Visa on arrival is only applicable for those who take the flight to Vietnam as they need to get visa stamped upon their arrival at Vietnam international airports.
  2. The waiting time at airport might be long. It is supposed that if you landed down at the same time with many many people, you need to queue from around 30-45 minutes to get your passport back with visa stamp there.
  3. Many people used to think that they can get Vietnam visa at airport. But it is totally different others;it has 2 steps, once apply online to get visa pre-approval letter and once get visa stamped at Vietnam airport.
  4. All visa information of different applicants are shared on one visa letter.

You might be wavering much on using visa on arrival to go to Vietnam, might not you? But forget all, keep going to use visa on arrival because its pros is heavier than cons; and you can use some solutions below to avoid its cons.

  1. To avoid waiting time at airport, you should use assistance service from the visa agency who helps you to obtain visa letter. This service will help your visa stamp procedure more promptly and smoothly.
  2. To avoid sharing your personal information in visa letter, always have special notice to get private letter during applying it online. The visa agency surely can help you to get it. It is sometimes required a small surcharge ; but you might not care much.
  3. Vietnam visa on arrival is required you apply online to get visa letter. If you know it before your trip, do apply online with standard processing of 2 working days. Incase you were in airport without a letter, you can apply online with super urgent service to have visa letter in time.
  4. Make sure your visiting Vietnam by air before applying a visa on arrival. Other borders is advised to go to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to apply visa in person.

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