My experience in Vietnam

I have to say that I’m a lucky boy. The noticeably awful get-away ever turns out my best memory. The bad fortune turns out the good fortune.

I had wanted to travel Vietnam for years. I read a lot of reviews, asked such a large number of individuals who had encounters. Vietnam was my fantasy nation. I knew about this nation through a group exercise. In my envision, this is a green country, so lovely, so peace, so truly and greatly sentimental.

I had worked a lot of part-time job to win cash this excursion. After one year, I truly could visit Vietnam. I enjoyed dream worked out as expected. I decided that my tour would last for a week. My first destination was Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam.

I was overwhelmed by the climate in Hanoi in May. While I was leaving the airport, it was raining heavily. That being said, Hanoi did welcome me by a downpour. Perhaps, this was foreshadowed.

One Pillar Pagoda

The following morning, it was raining again so I needed to stay in the hotel.

Lucky me, it was sunny in the third day. My trip finally could begin. My breakfast was Pho – a standout amongst the most mainstream Vietnam dishes. Pho was delicious, I didn’t lie. Then I visit some other destinations: The Turtle Tower, The Huc Bridge, The One Pillar Pagoda and ate some stress foods in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter

I was on the way back to the hotel, I figured out that my pack was lost. I had no clue how it vanished. There are my identity card, my passport, my wallet in that bag. I was totally freaking out.

I found a Travels Information Station near The Turtle Tower, I asked the young lady what if I do. She took me to the police headquarter. The police couldn’t speak English. OMG, I’ done. That young lady tried to translate for him. I just hoped that he could understand my issue.

I returned to the hotel with hopeless. The following day, I contacted to Eviva Tour to have a few advices. They guaranteed that I would get emergency passport as soon as possible. Now, I had to wait my mom send cash for me.

I was trully stressed till I received a peculiar call. OMG, that was a call from the police. They discovered my bag. Likely, I forgot in the restaurant. A sweet kid lifted it up to the police station.

How nice he was!

Well, Vietnamese were lovely. Actually, my trip wasn’t excessively awful. I met some great people.

Many thanks to you, Vietnam. I definitely come back!

By: Richard johnson

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