Notes for backpacker in Vietnam

Backpacking” now is no longer strange to the youth and it has become a trend. If you want to have a few days or a week to relax comfortably, why don’t you try “pack and go“? Please find out some advices for backpacking with Eviva Tour.

Notes for backpacker in Vietnam

1. Luggage:

Principles for choosing items are: The necessity and effectiveness.

You cannot put all into the bag; this means you will bring your whole house with you. Please choose carefully, carrying things which are useful for you.

Use an overview list to sort out the luggage and eliminate items that you almost do not use most of the trip. Do not be greedy, for every kg of weight you add on, , it will be 10 times more difficult when you have to walk as your energy will decrease more quickly. You should also choose a backpack instead of a rolling suitcase. This type of bag will give you more convenience when hiking and photographing and you can hold more items.

Please remember, the weight of the luggage should not over 25-30 % of your body weight

2. Water

Especially when you go to new places with significantly differences in the weather, food … you must always pay attention to drink water regularly and keep you hydrated. Weather shocks and food can make you tired, sick and affect your trip. Drinking more water helps your body regulate the difference faster. Try to buy the mineral water brand because they are more familiar and safer.

3. Map and location for “backpacking”

Whatever you do, it is always necessary to have a plan. And “backpacking” requires more preparation of map and information about upcoming places. These things will help you a lot there.

4. Do not be alone

After all, the purpose to “backpacking” is saving time, money and understanding of the culture where you visit. So, make friend with the ones you meet on the way. Laugh with restaurant owners, with the hotel receptionist, talk to the instructor at the museum. Those people would be willing to tell you about their homeland. Especially, if you’re lucky, they can become your own tour guide. They are also people who you could ask for help when you have troubles.

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