Notes for Camping in winter

There are many young people choose to go camping in the cold winter for new experience and adventure. Eviva Tour Co., Ltd is pleased give a few tips for a wonderful winter camping trip.

Notes for Camping in winter

1. Go with group.

Unlike summer or autumn with dry weather, the low temperatures in winter can cause many detrimental to your camping trip. So, it’s best to go with a group of friend to support each other during camping.

2. Research terrain carefully.

You must be carefully research the map and terrain where you plan to camp. Do not forget to search for clinics and emergency assistance center near the camping area.

3. Check weather forecast.

Weather is the decisive factor for the perfect camping trip. If there are unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, storms, snow, then you should cancel your trip!

4. Prepare enough warm clothes.

If you have to go to a forest, climbing with heavy luggage on your back, do not forget to bring sufficient warm clothing for the winter. Outfit should be divided into three layers: the basic layer is underwear. The middle layer is a warm sweater… and the outer layer is thick jacket which is waterproof and quick-drying.

Accessories such as socks, towel, hat, gloves are also indispensable for a winter camping trip.

5. Sleeping bags and yoga projection.

With outdoor winter camping, sleeping bags are essential items. However, there is a travel experience that people are often shared. Yoga projection can be put on the bottom of sleeping bags to keep your body warm, you can also isolate your body from the cold ground below.

6. Make your tent breathable.

Even if the weather outside is extremely harsh, you still have leave a narrow gap in order to exchange air inside the tent.

7. Use wooden instead of metal.

Saucepans, pots, spoons, plates with metal material cannot keep your food hot for a long time. It is better to use wooden stuffs to ensure the food you cook is still warm for long time.(Seriously?!)

8. Keep warm with backpack.

To keep your feet warm, you can put your leg on travel backpack and stuff more clothes around to create a warm sleeping bag.

9. To preserve battery.

If the battery (used for flashlights, cameras) does not work due to your cold weather, keep them in your palms and close to the fire to warm them before placing it back into the device.