Safety on the Vietnamese roads

Traffic accidents always remain a crucial concern in our society, especially in Vietnam, even when the government is doing the best to reduce accident rates by applying stricter penalties to the drivers.

traffic in Vietnam

However, penalties are not at the root of the problems when it comes to the causes of accidents. Firstly, one of the most obvious factors is poor skills of drivers. Specifically, new and inexperienced drivers seem not to be able to handle all situations on road fields where happens various suddenly unexpected issues.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that poor infrastructure also leads to accidents. Hence, it is advised that governments should maintain frequent upgrades of roads and strictly require drivers to attend all the training class before obtaining driver license.

Secondly, strict rules and regulations mean nothing unless we find a way to enforce public awareness about transportation. For instance, imagines or videos recorded from other accidents may remind drivers concentrating on their jobs rather than answering phones or doing something else. It is true that carelessness always poses a threat to those on the roads no matter who they are, and therefore it would be better to educate drivers about traffic laws as well as possibilities that may happen on the roads rather than imposing some fines to warn them.