Sapa – The fresh beauty of four seasons

I had an opportunity to visit Sapa many times in different seasons of the year. Every season here I have the different feeling about this town.

Sapa - Spring in the clouds

At the height of 1600 meters above sea level, Sapa town itself hides the beauty of a young woman under white clouds really captivates all visitors.

In the spring, the entire town of Sa Pa is covered with the bright and colorful cherry blossoms. Wandering in Sa Pa town, listening to the praise of the guys at the Love Fair, or enjoying the special dishes in highland, or sipping into warm drinks. Coming to European Garden at Ham Rong, the port panoramic beautiful sky town, you can watch over Fansipan peak, Bamboo forest, Ta Phin action, Sa Pa ancient rock, etc. You’ll actually feel relaxing, comfortable and fall in love with this land.

Summer comes when the farm branches are fruits filled with peachs, pears, plums. And it would be great fun and fabulous when visitors admire the white foam Silver Falls, or to Cat Cat Village, meet the village people, hear the gurgling stream and feel the cool and clear stream of cheers. Forget the heat of summer, visitors go to Ta Phin cave to admire the beauty of creation. Especially in the center of Sa Pa, there are more than 200 Western-style villas and ancient church, located between the forests and groves samu flowers. This makes you feel like living in an European city.

In the Fall, Sa Pa becomes more attractive when wearing his yellow shirt of terraces, green stretches of undulating hills. You can easily see visitors in the fall, many photographers have gathered here in the hope of capturing the best moments of the day to share with friends, or couples, newly wed couples also choose this time to honeymoon.

The winter in Sa Pa is like miniature European city. Dense fog remind tourists feel like foggy England. Watching the smoke from the kitchen of the people in the white color of the snow falling on cold, the beauty of Russian peace. Elsewhere, mountain flowers still shine, such as the emphasis in winter white, medium mystery, just as France exquisite.

With the fresh beauty of four seasons, Sa Pa is always the most interesting and attractive to those who love highlands, to conquer Fansipan peak, to explore the mysterious cave, to discover subculture Dao, Thai, H’mong …, or simply to relax and socialize with friends. Sa Pa is the ideal place for Viet Nam domestic and foreign tourists.

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