Things to do in the Christmas time in Dalat

As a freelance photographer traveling all over the world, I find Da Lat is one of the most beautiful cities that is an ideal place to take photos, especially in December. It is so interesting that I have come back here two times. Hope that these information I collected will be helpful to you.

Things to do Dalat

1. Where to go?

You will feel wonderful and a little mysterious as Da Lat is covered in mist and surrounded by pine forest. There are many beautiful places for you to visit:

– Da Lat is known as the flower city. In this land, trang nguyen flower (Poinsettia Flower), which often blooms in the beginning of December, is a symbol of Christmas. The red color of this flower spreads over the streets. Besides, if you travel at the end of year, wild sunflowers also embellish its yellow color along the slopes in the winter sunshine. Honeymooners often come here enjoy the romantic feeling of wandering in quiet streets between two lines of bright flowers and breathing the fresh air of the plateau in the cold weather of Southern winter.

– Even if you are not a Christian, do not miss greeting Christmas at one of the most beautiful churches of the city such as: Domain church with marvelous French architecture, famous Chicken Church with the cock statue on the rooftop or Cam Ly Church with unique architectural style of communal house of the Highlands.

– Cherry blossoms often bloom in spring. It often spreads its color along streets around Xuan Huong Lake and Tran Hung Dao Street on Christmas and offers guests the opportunity to contemplate its romantic yellow beauty.

– Also, if you are interested in documentary photography, I recommend you to take a trip to the railway station. It is a good place for taking pictures with the peeling paint for some part of the station which made the photos come out really well as a vintage shot. There are also some old steam locomotives which are quite well maintained so you can take pictures with them. We saw some wedding couples getting their pictures taken in the railway station.

2. What to eat?

– In Da Lat, you can enjoy delicious dishes all day, especially, a wide selection of distinctive suppers at Da Lat night market. Because the city is in its cold weather, all dishes are served warm. Am Phu market (Hell market) offers diverse menus of street food such as boiled snail, grilled corn, grilled dry squid, vermicelli, porridge and noodle. One of the most special dishes is bread with hot chopped meat and hot soya milk. Soya milk is sold all over streets and markets but the most delicious ones are at Tang Bat Ho Street.

3. Where to stay?

Once visiting Dalat, you should not miss the chance to visit old French –style villas, where you can experience romantic life which is a special character of Da Lat. Villas for lease are located outside the city center on tranquil streets. However, prices of these villas are expensive. For a cheaper price, hotel is a good idea. Prices of hotels in Da Lat are from USD 15.00/night. Three or four stars hotels are located near Xuan Huong Lake. Most of big hotels in Da Lat offer special promotional programs on Christmas. You are advisable to make a reservation as soon as possible in case all hotels are fully booked during the festive season.