Three interesting Vietnamese traditional festivals you should join

Vietnam is a rich cultural country that fascinated me with many interesting festivals. That is the reason why I visit Vietnam every year to join these festivals to live in the cultural space. Here are the three festivals I recommend you should join at least one time.

Lunar New Year

Among thousands of festivals, Lunar New Year (or Tet Nguyen Dan) stands the first in the list – it is a sacred festival of every Vietnamese. Tet features the transition between the old and new year in the complete cycle of the universe. Embodied in Tet are humanitarian values that reflect the relationship between human being and nature and universe through the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter, and highlight simple-minded Vietnamese farmers’ concept of “ showing gratitude to Gods for favourable weather”. Tet offers an occasion for family reunion, villagers’ gathering, and for one to show respect for his or her ancestors, the universe and the community. I love Chung cake very much, a traditional Vietnamese rice cake which is made from sticky rice, mung bean, pork and other ingredients. Very tasty.

Mid-Autumn Festival Vietnam

The second is Mid-Autumn Festival, a formerly autumn festival, and then becomes moon festival of children. On 14th and 15th August (Lunar Calendar), the moon is at its brightest and roundest in the year, and the weather is cool. The festival involves the custom of parading with lanterns shaped as moon and stars, lion dance and eating pasties and fruits. Very excited.

Ooc-Om-Bok Festival

The last is Ooc-Om-Bok Festival. It is a religious activity of the Khmer minority group praying for the luck, happiness, good weather and bumper crops. The festival is held when the dry season begins and rice is ripening on the fields.

Hope that this information will help you to have some ideas of activities you can attend for your cultural tour to Vietnam. Special thanks to which has provided information for me and Ms. Phuong Dong, the sales that supported me very much for all my trips.