Top 15 random things that attract tourists in Vietnam

1. Street food

Street food in Vietnam
Vietnam is famous for the unique cuisine with the perfect balance of five fundamental taste elements in the overall meal. Especially in the street, where in every corner of Vietnam you can see the food stand with delicious and tasty things that attract both local people and tourists. In addition, those food must be eaten in the street, where you can enjoy not only food, but the movement of the people and the atmosphere as well.

2. Coconut
That’s right. Fresh coconut with high standard is sold with very cheap price that you can find anywhere in Vietnam.

3. Flower market
Waking up in the early morning in Vietnam, definitely you should not miss the flower market before the beautiful aurora. Going to early flower market is kind of traditional habit of Vietnamese people, to trade, to buy as gift or just simply to enjoy the smell of good flowers in dawn.

4. Small and narrow alleys
Hanoi is known for its Old Quarter with a large number of narrow alleys, with their width is only enough for one or two people or a single motorcyclist to pass through.

5. Colorful traditional costumes
Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups and each group use different clothes with different colors, fabric and texture. Renting ethic clothes for taking a picture is definitely tourist’s favorite thing to do when coming to Vietnam.

6. Lotus
Lotus is beautiful in both appearance and smell as it is considered one of four graceful flowers and plants in Vietnam, along with pine, bamboo and chrysanthemum. It would be hard to travel to Vietnam during lotus season without passing by some ponds or lakes filled with them.

7. Motorbike
Motorbike is the most common mean of transportation in Vietnam because people are driving it every day. During rush hours, you can see people driving motorbike struggling or even standstill in the street just to wait for each other in traffic jam. The truth is, winters in such places like Hanoi would be colder and sadder without motorbike smoke and crowded traffic jam.

8. Plastic chairs
Here in Vietnam, you can find colorful plastic chairs in the streets, but mostly in food store and they make the way of eating in the street more convenience.

9. Dancing in the street
You can see or even join people dancing Waltz, Tango, Rumba or even Quickstep in some of Vietnam Public Parks or in morning dance classes.

10. Beaches
With more than 2000 miles of coastline, there are plenty of places for you to put your towel down in Vietnam. Vietnam has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches that well worth the try.

11. Coffee
Vietnam is the 2nd largest coffee export country in the world and therefore there are many places for you to enjoy a cup of coffee with great smell and taste that you cannot find elsewhere.

12. Rice fields
You can understand why Vietnam is the world’s richest agricultural regions, the 2nd largest exporter worldwide and the world’s seventh-largest consumer of rice when traveling across the paddy fields existing in all over the country.

13. Water puppetry
“Puppets that dance on water” is the meaning of water puppetry defined by tourists or even local people. This is a unique variation of the old Asian puppet tradition with wood lacquered puppets performed in a waist-deep pool.

14. Streets’ name starts with “Hang”
In the Old Quarter Hanoi, it can be seen that there are lots of street with names standing for some specialized products sold in the past that exist until now. For example, exploring Hang Bac Street to buy and see silver or jewelries, drop by Cha Ca Fish to taste roasted fish – a traditional food of Hanoi, or Hang Duong to buy candies or dry apricot…

15. Cheapest beer in the world
Most visitors to Vietnam, especially Hanoi, are too familiar with the beer streets around Old Quarter in Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ta Hien and Dinh Liet street. Especially during hot summer, these places are filled with people sitting on the sidewalks, drink and eat awesome street food.