Trains from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City

Train Depart Nha Trang Arrive Ho Chi Minh City
SE1 20:28 PM 4:10 AM
SE3 22:03 PM 5:00 AM
SE5 19:40 PM 4:40 AM
SE7 7:37 AM 15:05 PM

How to book:

You can buy ticket off the counter at Nha Trang train stations – which can save you up to 20%.
However, sometimes it might be difficult to get a ticket as you arrive since soft-berth options on this route often sell rapidly. You can arrange an advanced booking with an online ticket agent who will charge you extra fee when you reserve online. Some will provide free ticket delivery.

Ticket fare: $27 (Soft Seat) – $36 (Hard berth) – $39 (Soft berth) – Quoted Agent Fare

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