Trains from Nha Trang to Hue

Train Depart Da Nha Trang Arrive Hue
SE2 2:31 AM 14:43 PM
SE4 5:33 AM 17:06 PM
SE6 23:49 PM 13:21 PM
SE8 13:23 PM 2:07 AM

How to book:

You can get tickets from the ticket booths at the city train stations – which is the cheapest way to buy one. Sometimes buying the ticket off the counter can save you up to 25%.

However, sometimes it might be risky to wait and book at last minute (even 2-3 days in advance are considered last minute) – seats or berths on popular route are not always available. Ticket agents will charge you extra fee when you reserve online – most will provide free ticket delivery.
Agent Ticket fare: $32 (Soft Seat) – $49 (Hard berth) – $52 (Soft berth)

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