Travel insurance – What you may not know?

Travel Insurance provides financial protection for you and your family as it reimburses the expenses that may incur during your trip . Here are some information about travel insurance that travelers need to know before traveling:

Vietnam Travel Insurance

• Benefits of using Travel Insurance

– Cover medical and hospital expenses including, surgery costs when unfortunate events happen such as accident, illness.

– Compensation for deaths by accident.

– Compensation for permanent disability cases.

– Cover expenses for emergency relief which is only used for foreign tourists.

Besides, each insurance company or each insurance package will be added various benefits such as assistance for finding the lost luggage, legal advice, and these rights are clearly stated in the insurance contract between the provider and buyer. To make sure your trip will be truly safe, comfortable and prevent risks that may occur, you should buy travel insurance package for your tour.

• Types of Travel Insurance

Currently there are many types of insurance are specifically designed for each subject such as: Insurance for Vietnamese traveling in Vietnam and abroad, travel insurance for foreigners traveling to Vietnam, insurance for students…

• Where to buy travel insurance?

Currently there are many insurance companies such as AAA, AIG, Liberty, Bao Viet, Bao Minh; every company has its own insurance policies, pricing and private compensation fee. Tourists can purchase this service directly at the company or purchase travel insurance through reputable travel companies such as Traveler should choose tour included travel insurance fees.