Use a mobile phone in Vietnam

Using a mobile phone in Vietnam is quite easy, and it is worth familiarizing yourself to the system, whether you plan to travel, do business or plan your life time here. The three most popular networks in Vietnam are MobiFone, Vinaphone and Vietel.

If you are a tourist visiting Vietnam for a short time, you can go to any mobile store on the street with the sign “Bán SIM – Th?” (“Selling SIM card – Mobile card”) and buy a pre-paid activated SIM card for 50.000VND – 65.000 VND. With such card, you can start using mobile network immediately with existing balance of about 50,000-150.000VND in your account. When it runs low on money, you can simply recharge by getting a pre-paid mobile card ranging from 10.000VND to 500.000VND and continue using the service.

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If you stay longer terms in Vietnam, you should keep your eyes on promotional programs, especially one which doubles your recharged money on special days. There are also the post-paid options for those who have a long plan on using Vietnamese mobile service. Whichever option, Vietnam mobile is competitive both in the price and service offered.

Service charge for selected mobile networks in Vietnam:

Cost of using a mobile phone in Vietnam

Internal External Domestic SMS Intl SMS Intl Call
MobiFone 1,580 VND 1,780 VND 290-350VND 2,500 VND varies
VinaPhone 1,180 VND 1,380 VND 290-350VND 2,500 VND varies
Viettel 1,590 VND 1,790 VND 200-250VND 2,500 VND 3,600 VND