Vietnamese Grand Prix – Is it safe to come to Vietnam?

You hesitate to apply for Vietnam visa, book a flight ticket to set foot on Hanoi and attend F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 started the early next April, don’t you? If you are still feeling confused about where to travel because of the coronavirus outbreak worldwide? I hope that you can find lots of helpful information in this post.
Let’s read on to have the best choice.

Formula 1 Grand Prix 2020

F1 Grand Prix 2020 – A world-class sport event

Whether you are a fan of this Formula one racing or not, you may expect this legend racing after you see its design. This is the first time Hanoi hosts F1 Grand Prix, people pay much attention to the investor of the racetrack. And Vingroup, one of the largest enterprises in Vietnam, is chosen to be the exclusive sponsor of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020.

The F1 racetrack: The circuit lasts 5607 meters including 23 challenging turns. Built with FIA Grade 1 standards, the racetrack comprises a part running around My Dinh complex and the rest constructed in parallel with some bustling streets. Therefore, the Hanoi F1 racetrack promises an exciting circuit because of its difference with the previous circuit. It draws the attractions to many famous racers ,the top 8 worlds best racers such as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc will participate as well. These racers will present in Hanoi at the beginning of April. You should not miss a great chance to witness their pursuit racing.

Particularly, there are 2 purposes for 1 Vietnam trip. Besides watching the racing, you could take time to explore Hanoi. This city will be a great stopover on your holiday. Hanoi boasts historical sites, beautiful landscapes, friendly people and especially flavorsome cuisine.

I believe that you will fall in love with Hanoi and will not even immediately get back to your home after F1 Hanoi Grand Prix finishes since there are many worth-seeing destinations to explore on this Vietnam trip.

Vietnam during the Coronavirus outbreak

That is all about the Vietnamese Grand Prix 2020. It sounds great; however, there is still a small hesitation on Coronavirus.
You can scroll down to have the best decision

Do you remember the 2003 SARS outbreak appearing in Vietnam? It became the experience for the Vietnamese government effectively controlling this Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus prevention of Vietnam:
– Closure of overland border crossing between China and Vietnam
– Suspension all flights to and from mainland China
– Increase measures to protect tourists and Vietnam citizens as checking the temperature at the airport, offering free mask…
– 14 days of quarantine with the traveler from China and Korean

Until now, Vietnam has not had the death of coronavirus. All 16 coronavirus patients were recovered and discharged from the hospital. Vietnam is safer than what you imagine.
Furthermore, this event takes place from 3rd to 5th April when the temperature will be higher and could prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Finally, you should not be worry about it, you even could plan to own your trip with the cheapest cost by some advice below:

– You should apply for Vietnam visa as soon as possible at well-known websites such as vietnamvisa, visaeviva then come to Vietnam before this attractive event starts because the airport will be crowded.

– You also should book in advance a hotel room, flight ticket because in this coronavirus outbreak, the price of those services tend to get down.

I hope you make the best decision.

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