7 items usually be forgotten when travelling

These small items are often forgotten and without them, you will face many troubles. Let’s find out items usually be forgotten and how to solve with Eviva Tour Vietnam (http://www.evivatour.com).

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1. Items in the bathroom

The bathroom products such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream and mouthwash… surely you’ve forgotten at least one of them while traveling.

However, most hotels provide these items. If you do not see them in the bathroom, you should call the front desk to ask. And on long flights, passengers are given a set of brushes included toothpaste. Without mouthwash, you can use carbonated beverages or alcohol to clean your mouth.

2. Glasses and eye support

Glasses or lenses and other eye support products are usually forgotten. However, they cannot be replaced easily; you will face many difficulties if they are not there.

If in Asia, in major cities like Beijing, not too difficult for you to find yourself a new pair of glasses suits you. You can order when you just arrive and take it in short time but it is expensive. To avoid this, before leaving home to travel, keep glasses or lens on your eye.

3. Charger

Nowadays, the list of items need to charged the battery is long with phone, computer, digital camera, music player … As soon as you realize that you forgot to bring a charger, you should immediately ask other traveler.

The best solution is to ask a hotel receptionist. Currently, you do not have to worry as there are many electronic stores everywhere, even some regional airports has free charge. If you usually forget battery charger, you need to prepare a small bag and put all chargers into it.

4. Makeup, makeup remover and perfume

After a long flight, you realize that you forgot makeup at home and will be very difficult to find something which can replace.

You can try the new products in the cosmetics shop. However, you should pay attention to the components in products if you have allergies. If you forget make up remover, you can use olive oil or soap to wash. Without perfume, you only need to ask for free samples at the perfume shop.

5. Cash

Today, forgetting cash is not difficult to solve because automated teller machine is easily found everywhere. If you go abroad, the ATM machine is useful for withdrawing cash. However, be aware that you will be charged extra cost.

6. Underwear

Go to the lingerie shop is the fastest solution when you forget them at home because it’s not easy to find replacement. To save more, you should wash them with soap and drying in the hotel, you can use dryer to dry it faster.

7. Headphones

You will usually only found yourself forget this when you want to listen to music or watch movies on the airplane. If you are in this situation, you should ask the stewardess to borrow for free. Many airlines sell headphone for customers with cheap price.