An ideal tropical escape Bai Dai Beach on Phu Quoc Island

The pristine Bai Dai Beach on Phu Quoc Island is worth an idyllic place of interest for many people wanting to take retreat from the noisy urban life.

An ideal tropical escape in Bai Dai

This beach is little affected by footprints of vacationers, so tourism services have yet to develop. There is no hotel, restaurant or resort along the beach. Rows of ironwood trees seem to embrace the beach. Some chaise lounges and hammocks at a certain small eatery invite guests to take a rest and enjoy seafood.

Bai Dai Beach also entices travelers because they just spend VND100,000 (or nearly US$5) to hire a motorbike and take an exploratory journey around there. Bai Dai Beach on Phu Quoc has a 15km-long coastline that starts from Ganh Dau Cape to Cua Can Arroyo.

On Bai Dai, tourists can see two small islands Hon Dam and Hon Doi Moi islets from afar. From Dong Duong Wharf, visitors can get aboard to catch fish, or dive to watch corals on Ho Dam or Hon Doi Moi. They then can take a boat to Bai Dai, entertain themselves on the beach, soak in blue water, enjoy seafood and return to their hotels.

Compared to the bow-shaped Bai Khem Beach south of Phu Quoc Island, Bai Dai Beach has a pretty straight coastline and inherits tranquil sea waves thanks to the holding arms of the Thailand Gulf.

After bathing in the beach, guests can step ashore and enjoy the fresh and sweet taste of grilled prawns and sip a glass of draught beer. Several sun-seekers go there, and silently lie on the chaise lounges reading books under the shades of ironwood trees. It is more wonderful as they can breathe fresh air and listen to the sounds of sea and breezes swinging the leaves of ironwood trees.

From Bai Dai, tourists can go to other destinations on Phu Quoc such as enjoying the dusk at Dinh Cau Temple, shopping at Dinh Cau Night Market to try fresh seafood including famous sea urchin porridge of Phu Quoc. Moreover, they can dive to watch corals, visit aquatic farms of local fishermen as well as a pearl raising center on Hon Thom Islet, to name just a few.

When on Bai Dai Beach, diners should not forget to try many seafood dishes. Among them, grilled prawn dipped in the sauce of salt, pepper and lemonade will is recommended thanks to its sweet flavor of fresh prawn mixed with the taste of salt and fragrance of pepper that is grown on the island.

Source: SGT