Banh hoi – Popular dishes of Vietnam

Banh hoi (vermicelli woven into complex bundles) not only has a delicious taste but also in the way of enjoying. Bun rieu is usually served with roasted pork and sweet and sour fish sauce.

A popular Vietnamese dish
Banh hoi (rice vermicelli bundles) and roasted pork are served with herbs and fish sauce. – Photo: AMTHUCDAU

Fresh banh hoi can be easily found in local markets and supermarkets. However, making the rice vermicelli is time-consuming. Rice flour will be mixed with water to become big dough which is then shaped into long tiny pieces. The delicious banh hoi should be dried and tender enough and have no sour taste.

Rice vermicelli bundles will be served with roasted pork that features crispy skin outside and greasy flavor inside. Accordingly, slices of pork will be washed with white wine and drained. After that, they are marinated with salt, lemon juice and other spices. The pork skin should be grilled closer to the red-hot coal so that it can be crispier.

Banh hoi will be more delicious if they are topped with chopped garlic chives sautéed in oil. Additionally, sweet and sour fish sauce with minced garlic and chilies will surely enhance the taste of the dish.

Banh hoi and roasted pork are also served with herbs, sliced green mango and pineapple. The dish will be more interesting when diners use rice paper to wrap all ingredients and enjoy.

Source: VOV

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