Experiencing things of interest in Tra Su tourist site

Every time tourists come to Tra Su cajuput forest, they all admire the wonderful landscape that nature has bestowed to this area.

There will be bungalows built in the romantic and peaceful tourist site, which will arouse tourists’ sense of being tipsy.

A radiant bridge in Tra Su cajuput forest.
A radiant bridge in Tra Su cajuput forest.

The site is full of vitality and inspires people to mingle with the nature, which explains why tourists are keen on bungalows. Especially, Vietnam’s most beautiful wooden bridge, which will be introduced to visitors from August 20, will contribute to embellishing Tra Su cajuput forest. It has attracted the attention of tourists, especially foreigners, due to its original charm and specialty.

The special Tra Su tourist site

Tra Su tourist site has earned a new record as Vietnam’s most beautiful wooden bridge, which crosses a beautiful long canal. When tourists set foot on the radiant bridge, the Tra Su paradise will meet their eyes, showing a stunning picture of a carpet of enormous emerald-green duckweed adorned with white cajuput flowers, blooming pink lotus, butterflies hovering on yellow common sesban branches and Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge.

Tra Su will have bungalows which will be developed based on designs chosen from a recent contest. The contest has attracted many contestants whose designs feature new and breakthrough ideas and ensure the harmony with the nature. The most impressive design is “Bungalow Thuy Moc”, which features Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge in Tra Su cajuput forest and ancient cajuput trees. Other designs, such as “Net san Kho-me” (Khmer stilt house) and “Ben que”, are no less special. Bungalows, which will be mainly made of bamboo and wood, rustic but made specially eye-catching, will help the young to satisfy their passion and make their youth more meaningful.

Visiting bungalows in Tra Su, tourists will surely feel tranquility and peace of mind when they open windows to enjoy the fresh air and the glow of dawn. Time seems to pass slowly so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of the nature there, so that they can swallow the sweet aftertaste of the nowness like a symphony from the Creator.

Bungalows will be built in a modern and classical manner with simple architecture and high-end amenities inside. The highlight of bungalows will be wooden rooms with glossy brown beds and white silk curtains like romantic ancient houses in Italy’s Venice City, helping tourists to have pleasant and memorable trips.

Bungalows will make Tra Su more interesting and attractive
Bungalows will make Tra Su more interesting and attractive

Fish in forest

It is not exaggerated to compare Tra Su tourist site with an oil painting catching the eye of art lovers. The tourist site has become an ideal destination for those wanting to explore and indulge themselves in the richness of nature. Sitting in the balcony and getting sunlight, tourists can contemplate the beauty of fish swimming in canals and birds flying freely in the blue sky. Based on the biological interaction in the Tra Su ecosystem, the investors of the tourist site have released tons of fish to the forest to enhance biodiversity there. The forest is covered with white flowers and is lively with the sounds of animals, which is often seen in the flooding season.

Coming to Tra Su tourist site, tourists can drink tea while watching schools of fish swimming in rivers and canals, listening to birds’ songs and enjoying the spectacular landscape, so that they can feel relaxed and nurture their emotions and compassion.

Different landscapes will take visitors on a journey from one special feeling to another, sometimes ebullient and sometimes thoughtful. So, let’s get prepared to enjoy interesting things in Tra Su tourist site, a safe destination meeting standards of new normal tourist sites gaining tourists’ confidence. SGT

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