Scuba diving, a must-try activity for travelers to Nha Trang

The coastal city of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa Province has been known for its beautiful white sand, pure sea water, beautiful islands and interesting sightseeing spots. Apart from taking a tour around islands in Nha Trang Bay or going around town, tourists should experience a scuba diving service to admire coral reefs.

Tourists experience scuba diving in the coastal city of Nha Trang – Photo: Hoang Duong

Diving is a popular activity to foreign tourists but not many Vietnamese people have experienced the service. Recently, more locals choose to experience diving when they have a chance to visit Nha Trang.

When diving there, people will discover a world of colors under the ocean, and watch shrimp, fish and coral reefs. Tourists are advised to book their tours at agencies in HCMC, Hanoi or Nha Trang to enjoy pick-up service at their hotels to be taken to Cau Da Port where they will get on a boat to move to a diving site.

There are many beautiful places for diving in Nha Trang. However, Mun Islet has been the most favorite destination for its good location. Prior to the real diving time, travelers will receive diving suits, fins, and dive cylinders to start training. Then, guests will be equipped with diving skills and learn signs to communicate under the water and tips to deal with some tough situations.

After that, participants will get under water and start learning to use diving suits on a shallow water area. Each guest is accompanied by one coach who will support and instruct learners. Finally, guests will dive further into the ocean. Those who haven’t had diving experience are allowed to dive no deeper than 10 meters.

Due to the water pressure, tourists might feel hard to breath coupled with a symptom of tinnitus. But after a few minutes people will get used to it. A beautiful and colorful world of coral reefs and underwater species will appear in front of their eyes.

The tour organizers also offer paid-photo taking service for divers. Currently, there are two popular tours or city tour/scuba diving package and specialized diving tour. Those tours will take place daily with prices from VND200.000 to VND650,000 per person, inclusive of underwater photos and entrance ticket.

Source: Saigontime

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