Top 4 Must-visit Forests in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Imagine yourself on a rustic boat in the middle of a lush green world of a typical tropical forest, admire the very distinctive species you have never known of its existence. Come to these untouched forests of the Mekong Delta Vietnam and experience the most get-in-touch-with-nature moments of your life.

 Tra Su Forest in An Giang

Just about 20 km southwest from Chau Doc, Tra Su Forest is an evergreen ecosystem of cajuput trees lining in dusty paths and a flooded mangrove forest. The forest of 850 hectares is a natural paradise which homes 140 types of flora, 70 species of birds, 11 types of animals, 25 species of reptiles, and 23 kinds of fish. After getting on a rustic narrow boat, you will begin your journey into the world of an endless green. You will find yourselves zipping through a living carpet of water lettuce, so dense that you might forget that you are actually on the water. It costs 150,000 VND ($6.66 USD) for a boat. So if you are by yourself see if you can split a boat with another group.

Tram Chim National Park in Dong Thap

The picturesque Tram Chim National Park, awash with tall grass, homes over 230 different birds, from slender-necked storks to the towering sarus cranes. The national park spreads around on 7,000 hectares of waterlogged land. Visit Tram Chim Park, you will have chance to admire the majestic flooded forests on boat, which will come within a few hundred meters from the various species of birds. You might also want to see the panoramas of the park’s greenery and birds in flight from the watchtower. There are several different routes for you to go around the park. The shortest route lasts for about 45 minutes (VND500,000 per boat) offer you a brief glimpse of the park. Longer routes will take you deeper into bird-watching territory.

Tan Lap Floating Village in Long An

Tan Lap floating village is an attractive tourism destination, exclusively for young backpackers. Located in the heart of Dong Thap Muoi Area, the village is a typical flooded land of the region. It is home to cajuput forest, lotus – water lily, water hyacinth, wild rice and hundred species of birds and fishes. Visit Tan Lap Floating Village Eco-tourism Site, you will have chance to walk on the path through cajuput forest and enjoy the panorama view of the cajuput forest from the observation tower. You may also want to take a boat along Rung Canal. It only costs 50,000 VND for one ticket with rowing boat and 130,000 VND for motorboat. The boatman will guide you to explore and learn about the vast eco-system of the forest.

U Minh Ha National Park in Ca Mau

Located in the southermost province of Ca Mau, U Minh Ha National Park is another natural gift of the Mekong Delta Vietnam. The 8,000ha national park has diverse varieties of flora and fauna typical of a seasonal wetland. The flora system includes immense cajuput forests on peat soil, seasonally flooded grasslands and vacant swamps. Visitors can use a boat or take in views from a 25-metre high tower. Freshwater fish are now reproducing in the park’s submerged forests. Visitors can join local people to fish, or collect honey from beehives.


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