How to make your train traveling more impressive?

You are going to travel Vietnam by train, aren’t you? The information below might be helpful to make your train travel more impressive.

vietnam train

1. Enjoy the landscape outside the train window: During the train travelling, your eyes can catch many beautiful landscapes, such as imposing mountain ranges, green and wild forests and rivers. Do not forget to bring a camera to record all.

2. Spend few times talking with locals on train: If you want your trip more impressive, do not hesitate to talk with any locals there. It is good way to make friend and has a closer view of Vietnamese characteristics – friendliness and hospitality. You can talk to Vietnamese people of different social class; they are students, workers, small business owners, and of course, tourists. It is truly a great way for you to make friend.

3. Enjoy Vietnamese cuisines right on the train: Many traditional dishes will be serviced on train such as: Com tam( high quality rice), Ca kho (fish cooked with sauce), banh day (round sticky rice cake), Banh cuon (Stuffer pancake),… or you can try some food from the vendor at stations.

4. Play some games to while away your free time: you should bring some items such as: playing card, chest, book, games or anything that you can play on train. This will make your family members closer.

All points mentioned above will help your trip more fun, you should apply it. But notice that you should prepare enough information about your destination – it is the main way to make your trip unforgettable. You can collect all from Internet, from your friends’ experience, or from Vietnam travel agency like Eviva Tour, Saigon Tourism and etc.