Top 6 fascinating things TO DO in Da Lat

Da Lat is considered as “the little Paris” for most of tourists. It is a harmony of beautiful weather, stunning sightseeing, and hospitality people. It is said that Da Lat was a dream destination before you came, then an attractive place when you were there and you would want to come back when you left.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Let enjoy Da Lat by following these things:

1. Bring coat or jacket … in summer

It sounds ridiculous, but it is reasonable if there is four seasons during one day: cool as autumn in the morning, and then raining cats and dogs as in summer before enjoying the sunny afternoon, and chill wind in the evening.

2. “Highland café” everywhere

Coffee shops are located in every corner in Da Lat and it brings you a view of the whole city in a cold weather.

3. Meat is the…. special food

Da Lat is named as “Flower City” with thousands type of flowers and the cool weather supports for the development of vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, potato and fruits like peach, strawberry, etc. It is the reason why meat is rare and quite expensive in this city.

4. Come here, you could be an artist, poet or musician

This city is the inspiration of many composers because of its beautiful landscape of waterfall, flower parks, the sophisticate and mystery church and palaces.

5. France architecture

Da Lat was found by French in 1983 . They have planned and built an educational and tourism center of Indochina in Da Lat with schools, hotels, offices and villas. Most of them are preserved well as significant features in Da Lat.