Van Long Lagoon – A stunning destination in Ninh Binh

A tour to the northern province of Ninh Binh may include trips to popular places like Tam Coc – Bich Dong and Trang An tourist area. However, a silent beauty, often unnoticed, sits in this part of the country that is truly worth the stop: the Van Long Lagoon.

Located about 80km from Hanoi, in Gia Vien district, this quiet body of water is surrounded by limestone mountains and several spectacular caves, each with a unique beauty and mystery.

Many of its large caves are valuable in the region’s tourism development such as the Ca Cave, Bong Cave, Rua Cave, Chanh Cave.

During dry season, tourists can go by boat to visit caves such as Bong Cave, which is known to have the most attractive stalactites.

Van Long Lagoon is also the largest wetland reserve in northern Vietnam which serves as home to thousands of fauna and flora.

Van Long is not only a submerged nature reserve but also a site of historical heritage because of the many relics. It is a mecca for eco-tourism but also a place to study for researchers, students and Vietnamese and foreign students.

A boat ride to explore the area will acquaint one with spectacular scenery that is both peaceful and wild.

A tour here begins on a deserted wharf and on small basket boats made of bamboo which can accommodate only two to three persons at a time.

The boat ride takes around two hours to complete and ends in Kem Tram.

This is the water area passing through two high large cliffs; one side of the cliff is upright like being cut from above by a stab with a sword. Just about enough time to be alone with nature and get yourself the peace and quiet anyone deserves.

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