What to do to be safe during the Covid-19 disease in Vietnam

As you all know, Vietnam is one of many countries that are fighting for Coronavirus. It might be said that Vietnam is one of the countries that has managed the first attempt to prevent the transmission of the disease.. If you are tourists in Vietnam at the moment, there are some safety rules you should strictly follow to protect yourself from the virus.

According to the Vietnam Ministry of Health, you should follow these rules seriously:

Firstly, always remember to wear your face mask to prevent the virus’s approach to your eyes, nose, and mouth. In case you use surgical masks, you have to change them whenever you put them off. Be careful just take 2 strings of the mask and make sure not to touch the surface of the mask.

Remember to wear your face

Secondly, wash your hands frequently with soap that has at least 60% alcohol and bring hand sanitizer to follow you. You should spend at least 10 seconds each time.

wash your hands frequently with soap

Thirdly, do not put your hands on your face, eyes, nose, and mouth.
Fourth, cover up your mouth when you have a cough.

cover up your mouth when you have a cough

Fifth, keep enough distance, at least 2 meters away from who has any sign of the illness.

Sixth, do not touch or use wildlife animals or rotten food.

do not touch or use wildlife animals

Seventh, cooked food only.

cooked food only

These above rules would help you get far away from the virus. But if unfortunately, you have any sign of the virus transmission, you must go to the hospital right away and make a true statement where you visited and who you met. Do not be worried because you would be taken care.

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