4 famous markets in Saigon

Visitors coming to Saigon should not ignore markets – one of the characteristics of Saigon Tourism. Each market has its own characteristics and is usually located in the populated areas and near famous hotels. Here are some famous markets in Saigon:

1. Binh Tay Market:

Cho Lon, District 5

Binh Tay Market also known as Lon Market (Big Market) is one of the largest and oldest markets of the city. Its construction costswas financed by a Chinese trader named Quach Dam. In turn, he asked for permission of building houses around the market and erecting his statue in the central courtyard of the market after his death. . Market was built using cement, steel with Western techniques and Chinese architecture.

The market opens from 2-3 am to 9-10 pm. It provides all goods with lower prices in comparison to other nearby markets. Annually the market welcomes many visitors, both locals and foreigners. For convenient sightseeing and shopping, travelers should choose hotels in area where Chinese lives in District 6

. Address: Binh Tay Market, 57A Thap Muoi, Ward 2, District 6 HCMC.

2. Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market in Saigon was build by Brossard et Maupin from 1912 to May 3/1914. The opening took place in three days 28, 29 and 30/3/1914 with fireworks, and more than 100,000 guests.

Ben Thanh Market has 4 gates and 4 mounted clock tower overlooking 4 center roads in District 1. The main gate of the market is considered as city’s symbol.

Currently there are more than 3,000 market booths which selling goods from food, daily items to luxury goods. The market opens at 4 am in the north gate which selling fruit and fresh goods. Around 8-9 am gates of East, West and South open up.

When the sun goes down, Ben Thanh night market is formed outdoor by the streets located in East gate and West gate of the market. Unlike the day market Ben Thanh night market is selling only 2 items – fashion and food with average prices. Visitors coming to the market are foreign tourists who like shopping atmosphere of Saigon and Youngster who want to go shopping and practice their English with foreigners. Tourists can book hotels located around Ben Thanh Market which are so convenient.

Address: Ben Thanh Ward – District 1.

4. Tan Dinh Market

Tan Dinh Market

Tan Dinh Market is located in the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh. It was built in 1926 and is one of the historic markets in Saigon. The main gate was designed quite beautiful with striking architecture but nothing special inside the market.

The market has goods such as fresh food, clothes, shoes, and fruit with higher price than other markets. However, residents and visitors know about this market because of cheapest price and diversity of fabric in Saigon.

Address: Tan Dinh, 1 Nguyen Huu Cau, Tan Dinh Street, District 1, HCMC.

5. An Dong Market

An Dong Market

An Dong Market had 56 year of history with 2,702 booths. Beside normal goods like other markets, the market is regarded as the “king of fashion”. Booths here regular updates quickest fashion trend, and quality is quite similar to clothing shops. This market also provides some famous lingerie brands like Triumph, Vera, Wacoal, Lys with cheaper price.

Address: An Dong Market, 34-36 An Duong Vuong Street, Ward 9, District 5, HCMC.

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