Beautiful sites on the outskirts of Da Lat

Exploring the suburbs of Da Lat, you can follow many different itineraries. Each ride takes you through beautiful destinations and offers valuable experiences.

Mimosa Pass

Located on the main road leading to Da Lat city, Mimosa Pass is only about 10km long. With the wild beauty of Mimosa flowers, this pass can surprise any visitor.

Some outstanding check-in points:

– Que Garden: Vietnam’s largest coniferous bonsai garden, called a “miniature Japan” in the city of flowers.

– Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda: Located at the end of Mimosa Pass, the pagoda has a Chinese style. The temple is the home to three Buddha statues made of agarwood.

– Fairy Persimmon Garden: Persimmon is a specialty of Da Lat city. The fruit begins ripening in September – November. If you want to visit persimmon gardens at the foot of Mimosa Pass, you can travel to Da Lat during this time.

Ngocanhhtruong, Anhetrang.

Photo: Cherry_chu_917, Airi_48.


Prenn Pass

Prenn Pass is one of the most beautiful and impressive passes in Da Lat. The pass is only 10km long with spectacular bends, flanked by deep abysses and hundreds of years old pine forests.

Some outstanding check-in points:

– Tuyen Lam Lake: The symbolic lake of Da Lat is a great destination for you to experience the sunrise and sunset.

– Truc Lam Zen Monastery: With the charming scenery, peaceful space, Truc Lam Zen Monastery is in the top 10 tourist destinations that cannot be missed when coming to Da Lat.

– Da Lat cable car tourist site: Located on Robin Hill, Da Lat cable car attracts tourists with a swinging journey to explore the beauty of the city from a high angle.

– Infinity Lake: Located inside the clay tunnel tourist site, Infinity Lake is a check-in site that has attracted visitors since its early days of opening.

Photo: Hoaithuong.112, Hatrangngo.

Ta Nung Pass Road

Ta Nung pass is also known as the silk road or the da quy (Mexican sunflower) road, which does not have too many high slopes or deep abysses. Ta Nung road attracts visitors with wild scenery on both sides of the road and rustic villages.

Some outstanding check-in points:

– Dadaland: This destination is a place that gives you the feeling of standing in the middle of Bali paradise, with peaceful space and many small scenes such as net beds, swings, bird’s nest, Buddha’s hand …

– Thuy Thuan Da Lat tourist area: Located on a hill, below is a valley with a stream, this resort has a wide view, with beautiful scenery.

– Puppy Farm: The puppy farm is an interesting destination for pet lovers.

– Lac Tien Gioi: Built in a futuristic style, this destination offers visitors great photo angles.

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Trai Mat, Cau Dat road

There are many beautiful places for you to have a day to experience the flower city along this road.

Some outstanding check-in points:

– Cau Dat: This place is a famous scene for pictures of clouds.

– Hydrangea garden: Hydrangeas are one of the most iconic flowers of Dalat. Coming to this flower garden, you can take amazing photos amid beautiful flowers.

– Ve Chai Pagoda: Linh Phuoc Pagoda or Ve Chai Pagoda has a unique architecture with construction materials and decorative details made of pieces of porcelain and glass.

– Cau Dat Tea Hill: A familiar destination for young people who love Da Lat, with a beautiful space for pictures, along with fresh air.

– Railroad tunnel: This tunnel is a relic from ancient times, hidden in the mountains of Da Lat. The old, ghostly look of the railway tunnel makes this place an ideal destination for young people.

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