“Bia hoi”- The unique drink you should enjoy in Vietnam

If Pho is well-known as the typical street food of Vietnam, Bia Hoi, or fresh beer is exactly famous drink you can find every corner of Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. Why does it become famous? Let see the reasons below.

Bia hoi Pho Co

1. Reasonable price
It is really cheap drink, one glass of beer costs only 5.000 VND to 6.000 VND. With this price, it is so worth trying, isn’t it?

2. Great chance to gather and make friends
It might be said that all people going to enjoy this drink are friendly. Not too shy as some Vietnamese people, Vietnamese here are open and warmly welcome you to join in their groups even they do not know much your language. For them, just drinking and greeting with grasping hand as well as yelling like “Helloo! Hello! Helloh?” are enough. It is so simple.

3. Relax
No formal rules exit here. You can smoke, sing or shout there without worry. No staring on you at all, it is so great.

4. Local street life
As said above, you can watch Vietnamese people closer with familiar eyes. Additionally, all bia hoi stores are on the streets, it is super suitable for you to watch Vietnamese routine there.

5. Its food
Besides Bia hoi, all store serve some delicious food like hotpot, barbecued chicken, banana flower salad and etc. All these dishes have reasonable price. But if you are careful person, just a glass of beer is enough, other foods are not recommended.

by Timothy Samuel