Top 6 beaches in North Vietnam

Tra Co, Bai Chay, Hai Hau, Do Son, Dong Chau and Cat Ba are appropriate venues to dispel the heat of summer.

1. Tra Co beach in Mong Cai, Quang Ninh is dubbed the “most romantic beach of Vietnam” with wide and flat beaches, white sand and blue waters in all seasons. Lying on the outer edge of a natural alluvial island, this beach has sand dunes from 3 to 4 meters high. Tra Co has a cool climate, still primitive, with sea flavor and quiet space. You can buy fresh seafood right on the beach, from the fishing boats.

Tra Co beach-2

2. Bai Chay, Quang Ninh is an artificial beach, with a length of over 500m and a width of 100m, running along the Ha Long Bay. This beach attracts many tourists in summer. Every day in the early morning or late afternoon, thousands of people come here for sea bath, making it incredibly noisy.

Bai Chay Beach

3. Dong Chau Beach is located in Dong Minh commune – Tien Hai district, 30km from Thai Binh City. Although it is not classified as an extremely beautiful beach, the peaceful beach nestling under the shade of pine trees, is suitable for relaxation. Additionally, visitors can take a motorboat to visit the islands of Con Thu and Con Vanh, 7km from the mainland.

Dong Chau Beach

4. Hai Hau Beach, Nam Dinh has its own character – the ruined churches on the beach which have been abandoned for a long time due to seawater intrusion. Hai Hau coast is about 33 km long, extending from the town of Quat Lam to Thinh Long Beach. This place is still pristine, very suitable for those who prefer tranquility.

Hai Hau Beach

5. Do Son Beach is about 20 km to the southeast of Hai Phong city. Nature has rewarded this place a beautiful beach, with sunshine and warm climate in winter, and cool in summer. Located in a favorable location, visitors can easily experience a short vacation at Do Son at any time of the year.

Do Son Beach-2

6. Cat Ba Beach is on Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong. Cat Ba is the largest island of the thousands of islands of Halong Bay, with pristine and amazing landscapes. Visitors can rent a boat to tour around Lan Ha Bay, to drop at beautiful beaches with funny names: Cat Co, Ben Beo, Co Tien or the caves of Trung Trang, Hoa Cuong, and Thien Long to discover the wonderful nature.

Cat Ba Beach

Source: VietnamNet