Hara Express Train

The Vietnam Hara Express train is a popular mode of transportation for tourists traveling between Hanoi and Lao Cai, which is the gateway to Sapa, a scenic mountainous region in Vietnam. The train is known for its comfortable and convenient overnight journey.

The Hara Express train features various types of cabins, including shared cabins with four or six berths, as well as private cabins for couples or families. Each cabin has air conditioning, clean bedding, and basic amenities such as reading lights, power outlets, and storage space for luggage.

The train departs from Hanoi in the evening and arrives in Lao Cai early in the morning, allowing passengers to rest and sleep during the journey. It offers a budget-friendly alternative to flying or taking a long bus ride, as the train ticket prices are relatively affordable.

The Vietnam Hara Express train is often recommended for its picturesque views of Vietnamese countryside, especially during the early morning arrival in Lao Cai. It is also a popular choice for travelers looking to visit Sapa, as it provides a convenient connection between Hanoi and the mountainous region.

Passengers can book tickets for the Hara Express train through travel agencies or directly at the train station. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourism seasons, to secure a spot on the train.

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Hara Express Train Photo:

Hara Express Train

Hara Express Train Ticket Costs:

* A Hara Deluxe wooden 4 berths cabin at US$ 65 for one person for return
* A Hara Private Deluxe 2 berths cabin at US$ 134 for one person for return
* A Hara VIP 2 berths cabin at US$ 137 for one person for return