Russian tourists emerge as topmost spenders in Vietnam

Russian tourists were the top spenders in Vietnam last year, with the average Russian spending over US$1,830 on his/her trip, according to the 2019 Vietnam Tourism Report published recently by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Russian tourists emerge as topmost spenders in Vietnam
Russian tourists at Cam Ranh International Airport in Khanh Hoa Province – PHOTO: DAO LOAN

British tourists were the second highest spending travelers in Vietnam with US$1,715, followed by American, Australian and French tourists with US$1,570, US$1,541 and US$1,443, respectively.

Russian tourists also tended to stay for the longest period, with the average duration of their vacations in Vietnam reaching over 15 days, followed by British tourists with 14.46 days, French tourists with 12.76 days and American and Australian tourists with 12 days.

Tourists from Asian countries spent less and stayed for a shorter duration. The average Japanese, Korean and Chinese tourist spent US$935, US$872 and US$1,021, respectively. Their stays in Vietnam lasted six to seven days on an average.

The average foreign tourist spent US$357 on accommodation, accounting for 33% of the total cost, US$258 on food, US$167 on other goods and US$162 on transportation.

Vietnam received more than 18 million international tourists in 2019, an increase of 16.2% compared with 2018. Tourism revenues were estimated at US$32.8 billion, including US$18.3 billion from foreign tourists (56%).

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism predicted that compared with 2019, international tourist arrivals in 2020 will dip by 60% or more, depending on the Covid-19 situation.

In the first half of this year, the country received only 3.74 million international tourists, a 55.8% decrease year-on-year.

Although Vietnam has brought Covid-19 under control, the inbound market is not likely to recover strongly in the coming months because the pandemic is still spreading across the world.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism expected that the country will receive 4-6 million international tourists this year.

Source: Saigon Times

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