Sapaly Express Train

The Vietnam Sapaly Express Train is a luxury train service in Vietnam that offers overnight journeys between Hanoi and Lao Cai, a town near the popular tourist destination of Sapa. The train is operated by the Sapaly Express Train company and is known for its comfortable cabins and high-class amenities.

The train features different types of cabins to cater to various preferences and budgets. These cabins include the VIP cabin, Deluxe cabin, and Superior cabin. Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning, comfortable beds, clean bedding, reading lights, and electrical outlets. Some cabins also have private bathrooms.

Passengers on the Sapaly Express Train can enjoy complimentary meals and drink services during the journey. The train’s dining car offers a diverse menu with both local and international cuisine options.

The train journey from Hanoi to Sapa on the Sapaly Express Train takes approximately 8-9 hours, with a few stops along the way. The route offers stunning views of the Vietnamese countryside, including mountains, rice terraces, and small villages.

Overall, the Vietnam Sapaly Express Train is a popular choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation between Hanoi and Sapa. It provides a luxurious experience with well-appointed cabins, delicious meals, and picturesque views of the countryside.

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Sapaly Train Ticket Costs:
Deluxe Wooden 4 Berths Cabin: $60/pax/one way
VIP Wooden 2 Berths Cabin at $80/pax/one way

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Sapaly Train Schedule:
-> Hanoi – Sapa: 9:50 PM => 06:00 AM
-> Sapa – Hanoi: 8:45 PM => 5:10 AM