Tips for Taking Bus in Vietnam

Below are some useful tips for taking bus in Vietnam:

1 – Always keep in mind that you should buy the ticket from the registered booths inside the terminals only. Do not waste your time listening to the middlemen’ persuasion or you may end up being extremely overcharged. There are a lot of them strolling around the terminals, waiting to pick an easy target. You do not want to fall victim to these guys.

2 – There are the many xe-om and sorts that will be waiting at your destination too. Make sure to know where you are headed and how far that is from the arrival terminal and haggle your way forward.

3 – Another tip for your personal travel book is to avoid catching a bus by waiving along the road. These buses will run around until it has picked up enough passengers before departing for the destinations, which will be a very time-consuming and awkward experience.

4 – Watch your belongings and don’t take that free giveaway drink from the nice stranger!

5 – Many people, especially those who live in small towns or remote areas cannot understand English. Thus, remember to bring along a piece of paper with the names of your destination written down. Be ready to use your body language as well!

6 – Bus will stop several times during the trip at mealtime. You can choose to bring your own food or try out some local varieties. Keep in mind that exotic foods can be as good as it ever gets, but if you do not have the stomach for it you may end up locking yourself up in the bathroom for a while. So please don’t push yourself too far!
But remember to indulge too!