5 things to do before checking out of a hotel in Vietnam

Hotel check-out sometimes can have some troubles and the following suggestions are to help you make it easier. Let’s learn 5 things to do before check out with Eviva Tour Vietnam.

before checking out of a hotel

For many travelers, check out of a hotel usually starts with putting clothes, then call receptionist, take a taxi and rush to the airport. The process sounds to be easy and simple but in fact most travelers have an experience of forgetting or missing items. Here is a little checklist for things to check before you check-out.

1. Go around the room

Lift blankets and pillows to look below, check under the bed, open the safety box, check the toilet, bathroom, hanging cabinets to make sure you do not forget anything. It is not easy to find something when you have checked out, on the way to the airport.

2. Do not forget the charger

While you are checking the room, there is a place usually being forgotten is the socket located under the table, on the bar. The charger for the camera, the computer, the phone will be valuable when your device runs out of battery and there is no store selling charger.

3. Pack souvenir gift

You will absolutely not be considered as cheap, stingy or rustic people when taking free items in the hotel room such as pencils, soap, lotion, shampoo, plastic bags. Of course items such as towels, bed linens, irons, hair dryers will not be named in this list.

Keep them as a gift or put it into personal luggage to use for the next trip in case the hotel does not have adequate facilities. A truth is that many luxury hotel and resort design items such as bottles of shower gel, shampoo, pens, letterhead, and envelope extremely carefully to impress visitors. They also are pleased to give you those things to promote their image to others. The cost of the items that have been included in the price you have to pay for the hotel.

4. Check used items

If you use the mini bar, snacks, food, drinks so remember to check when the hotel charging. It usually common when hotel double the number of items you used and double the price. For example, you use wifi for a day, the hotel makes it two or when you open a packet of potato chips they charge it two packets. Ask them to check and pay what you use only.

5. Tip for housekeeper

Tip is personal issue, many traveler agree that, some don’t. Usually in North America, guest leaves 1-2 dollars a day for the cleaning staff (housekeeper). Cash is often putted on tables, shelves and TV table, if you want to be polite, you can write the message for them. In Asian countries tip culture is not developed as in the U.S., Canada or Euro. Depend on your satisfaction of the service, you can decide to tip or not.