5 Tips for hotels booking online

tip booking hotels onlineHotel Booking on the Internet is not only a trend; it has become an indispensable support if you are passionate about travel. If you apply a few simple tips below from Eviva Tour Vietnam, you can book hotel quickly, suit your need and the price is very reasonable.

1. “Hunt” promotion
If you have identified the location and travel time, you should take a “tour” around websites which provides hotel booking service to find attractive promotion. There are many hotels have incentive programs for customers such as room discounts, promotions, package prices, … If you are lucky, you could possible book a room at a famous resort with just 50% of actual normal price.

2. Searching for suitable hotel
Make sure that the hotel suits your style. Small hotels like boutique will be cozier than hotel has hundreds of rooms serving group of guest or businessman. Finally, you should take time to find out information about the type of room, room size, room direction and services (including breakfast, airport transfer, service for families with young children), you should find out that whether there is an extra charge for a room with a baby?

3. Reviews of people who have been there
You should notice the “review” of customers who have been in the hotel before. You can rely on these reviews to evaluate the hotel’s suitability with your needs. These reviews sometimes also help you to find out the unique features of the hotel.

4. Comparing prices
Compare prices between websites. Now in Vietnam, there are many online booking sites, each with different rates, so to find a room at the best prices, you should check out and compare prices between websites.

In addition, you should also compare the price of the hotel. Selling prices on some websites is cheaper than the price offered directly at the hotel. But if you still have time, you should call the hotel directly to consult prices.

5. Consider payment methods
– Most international online booking sites request people to have an international credit card (Visa, MasterCard…) while some domestic booking websites accept payments through ATM or cash.
– Depending on the policy of each website, you can pay before or after. Some sites will require pre -payment of 100 % of the total price.

Eviva Tour hopes that you will get a perfect hotel room for your trip with family!