Some notes for a flight with children

Flying with children will become a lot harder if you do not prepare carefully. It is necessary to bring items that help your baby not to cry when encountering noise, fatigue, tinnitus from the flight. Eviva tour Vietnam is pleased to give a few notes for a good flight with your baby.

Some notes for a flight with children

1. Takeoff and landing

Take-off and landing are the most unpleasant time of the flight because it is noisy, air pressure can cause the baby earache. If the baby is awake, let the child suck on your finger, this way will help him to avoid earache. If the child is still asleep, just hold them up to make them more secure.

2. Bring food for children on a plane

If you bring baby powdered milk, after checking through security gates, buy bottled water instead of tap water, because children are very sensitive and bottled water is much safer solution. When you bring food on the plane, you should only bring enough to use on the flight and bring a little extra in case the plane may be delayed or depart at late -hour (you should bring about 100 grams).

3. Pack lightly and reasonable

Do not forget to arrange the items logically, easy to find in order to avoid mess all things up at the airport only to find a small item. The most important items such as ID, bank card… should be packed in hand luggage. In addition, remember to bring other things that your kid may need in flight such as diapers, formula milk, wipes…

4. Consider to put an extra chair for baby

Although most airlines allow children under 2 years old to sit with their parents, but you still should buy a separate seat for your baby. If you do so, you can sit comfortably instead of hugging the baby during the flight. If you can buy a ticket for baby, you can bring your baby’s pram on the plane.

5. Bring warm clothes for children

The air on planes is very cold and dry, so bring a sweater or blanket for your baby. A thin scarf to cover the face also is quite useful to avoid direct contact with cold air.

Author: Phuong Dong