9 best things to do in Nam Du island

Nam Du Island is a magnificent archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand, belonging to Kien Giang province. Nam Du Island is famous for its green coast, white sand, splendid rock cliffs, endless evergreen primeval forests and delicious seafood. In this post, we’re sharing our top recommendations of the 9 best things to do on Nam Du island.

1. Swimming in Da Den beach

The most interesting thing when coming to Nam Du is being soaked in clear blue water, all sorrows of life seem to fade away with the waves, and enjoy the peaceful space in Da Den beach.

2. Camping on Chuong beach

Chuong beach has the white sand, and is fringed by leaning coconut palms. This is the ideal place for you and your friends to set up an overnight camp on the beach. In the evening, you can sit around a fire, grill fresh seafood, chat and have fun together and watch the sunrise in the morning.

3. Watch the sunset on Cay Men beach

Traveling to Nam Du Island without trying the feeling of watching the sunset on the sea will be a big mistake. The most popular sunset viewing spot in Nam Du is Cay Men beach. In the late afternoon, walking on the beach, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset.  contemplate the brilliant sunset scene of the immense sea and sky.

4. Conquering Nam Du lighthouse

Located on top of Hon Lon, Nam Du lighthouse is considered the highest lighthouse in Vietnam. To get to Nam Du lighthouse, you will have to cross 3 hills, walk about 2 hours, and to save time, you can catch a motorbike taxi or ride a motorbike by yourself. From the height of 308m, you can cover the entire islands of the Nam Du archipelago, spreading a vast array of greenery, sparkling white beaches of long sandy beaches, surrounding mountains.

5. Explore the life of the people of Hon Ngang island

You want to explore the life of the people of the island, you move to Ngang Island – the center of Nam Du Commune. Hon Ngang Island is the richest and most populous island, most of them living by fishing and raising grouper and mackerel in cages. You do not miss the opportunity to hire boats to go to the sea to visit fish cages, walk around the coastal fishing village to learn about the life of fishermen … If you visit any family on the island, you will be welcomed with a warm, familiar attitude like welcoming relatives back from far.

6. Snorkeling to see corals on Dau Island

Dau Island is a small island, but it has unspoiled beauty, the beach with golden sand, soaring green coconut trees and fresh air. Coming to Dau Island, you have the opportunity to explore the world of colorful coral and countless fish species hiding under the clear blue sea.

7. Visiting Ba Chua Xu Temple

Ba Chua Xu temple is the center of the biggest religion on Nam Du. You can visit the temple to admire the statue of Ba and pray for success and happiness.

8. Riding a motorbike on the road around the Cu Tron island

Riding a motorbike on the road around the Cu Tron island is one of the attractive activities. You can hire a motorbike from some accommodations on the island. This gives you the freedom to really explore the island: find deserted beaches, go down dirt tracks, and admire the views from the coast roads. This beautiful road is one side of the mountain, one side of the vast sea, you do not forget to check in the famous lonely tree.

9. Enjoying fresh seafood in Nam Du island

When you go to Nam Du, do not miss the seafood here because of their freshness and reasonable price. Whether crab, lobster, sea snail or fish, Nam Du has it all. The island’s specialties are oil-grilled echelons, echino porridge, scallops, roasted lamprey,…

Eviva hopes the above information will help you have memorable experiences when traveling to Nam Du island. Don’t forget to share your good memories here with us.

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