Vietnam Weather in May

The weather in Vietnam in May varies depending on the region.

In northern Vietnam, including Hanoi, May marks the start of the summer season with hot and humid weather, with average temperatures ranging from 25 to 32°C (77 to 90°F). It can also be quite rainy, with occasional thunderstorms.

In central Vietnam, including cities like Hue and Da Nang, May is also considered the start of the summer season. The temperatures range from 25 to 35°C (77 to 95°F) with high humidity. There can be some occasional rain showers as well.

In southern Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, May is in the transition period from the dry season to the rainy season. The temperatures range from 27 to 35°C (81 to 95°F) with high humidity. There can be some afternoon showers or thunderstorms, but overall, the weather is still relatively dry and hot.

It’s important to note that weather patterns can vary from year to year, so it’s always a good idea to check the local forecast before making any travel plans.

What to expect if you travel to Vietnam in May

International Labour Day is a public holiday in Vietnam and often merged with April 30th to become a long holiday. This is a time when domestic tourists vacate the cities either to the beach or mountain retreat or even abroad. This may be a great time for those visiting Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City as they return to their most normal and calm state. A walking or biking tour will be at its best during this first 2 days of the month.

Another important and widely celebrated day is May 19th, Uncle Ho’s birthday. It is better memorized than his death anniversary which is in September.There are candle vigils taking place throughout the country and especially in his birthplace in Kim Lien Village of Nghe An. It is a day when everyone from young kindergarten children to middle-aged housewives commemorates and shows respect to the Great Father of Vietnam.

Closer to the end of the month, school years are to end and Vietnamese families start taking off for their holiday. Domestic season often starts in late May and lasts until late August.

* May 1: International Labour Day
* May 7: Dien Bien Phu Battlefield
* May 19: Ho Chi Minh’s Birthday

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