Taste of The Sea in Vietnam


Tuna (Vietnamese fishermen usually called it “a hunchbacked amberjack”) is a saltwater finfish living beyond 100 nautical miles away from the coast. Tuna can be included in a Japanese sashimi. The slices of fresh red fish fillet and fresh raw vegetables make an exotic and tasty dish. The dish is best served with a plate of broccoli leaves, fragrant roasted peanuts, thin crispy sesame pancake, and a bowl of fish sauce, soya sauce filled with green pepper and mustard. Tuna fish meat soaked in hot mustard sauce is later rolled in broccoli leaves and served with fresh vegetables. Fresh tuna meat tastes crispy and sweet. Therefore, the dish tastes pungent and spicy but fresh and sweet at the same time.

tuna vietnamese

Tuna can be eaten raw following Japanese recipes or cooked so that the meat done to a turn. A tuna fish’s stomach are washed and boiled in the pot. After that the fish’s stomach is dipped in cold water so that it turns to be crispy. After being sliced into pieces, the fish’s stomach is mixed with sliced onion, chili peppers and spices and finally displayed onto a plate. Besides, the fish fillet and belly make an alternative dish. In particular, the fish meat are cut into pieces and sauteed with onion and citronella. Moreover, tuna fish gruel is also a popular dish. The fish gruel is made of the fish’s head cut into four pieces and stewed together with glutinous rice in a pot. The gruel is stewed for a long while so that it done to a turn. A bowl of fish soup tastes so delicious!

Tuna fish’s eyes stewed with Chinese herbs is another special dish. A tuna fish has keen eyes so that it can accurately locate its prey over a distance of several hundred meters. The dish is a famous local specialty that can be used for eye treatment. A fresh tuna fish’ eye is cleaned and mixed with onions, peppers, garlic, fish sauce, spices and Chinese herbs. The mixture is cooked in a bain – marie in a terracotta or ceramic pot. Each pot carries an eye of a tuna fish as big as an ostrich’s egg. While taking off the lid, you can sense the strong smell of the herbs and the greasy fish’s eye. The dish is best served with crispy rice pancake.

Jellyfish noodles and fried fish served with rice spaghetti.

Fried fish noodles, jellyfish noodles, salted cod fish noodles and codfish rice spaghetti … The dishes are usually made of yellow fried or steamed fish patties, or a slice of braised fish fillet, crispy white jellyfish meat, served with white and soft rice vermicelli, fresh raw vegetables, sweet and sour sauce …
King Crab

king crab in Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island was known for king crabs. This kind of crab is freshly meaty. Right after fishing, steamed fresh king crabs taste incredibly delicious. The dish is served with salt and green pepper grown in Quang Ngai. The fishing season begins from late in winter until May in the next year. When spring comes, local fishermen go out to the sea to catch king crabs.